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Backlit Display Advertising Cost

Reach your customers wherever and whenever they live, work, eat, shop and play!

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Finally, you can enjoy digital and static display advertising in malls, lifestyle and outlet centers from as little as $15-20 a day. When configuring your advertising campaign on the right, enter the timeframe you are interested in advertising at one of more of our properties, the number of panels that you are interested in displaying your ad in and get an instant estimate for your businesses campaign. Experiment with the backlit cost estimator on this page to get an idea of just how much exposure you can get—even within the smallest of budgets.

Maximum reach for your budget

Mall advertising rates are so competitive, often giving local advertisers greater reach per dollar than traditional billboard ads. Discover why so many companies choose to advertise their businesses where their customers work, live, eat, shop and play every day with our shopping mall, lifestyle, and outlet centers. Get started today!

The most powerful tool to get shoppers through doors in 2018 was out of home, with an average footfall traffic boost of 80% to 120%. Mobile-only was second, delivering a 10% to 89% uptick, followed by cross-device, that is web and mobile, which boosted traffic on average 6% to 39%.

Cuebiq’s Footfall Attribution Benchmarks report

Digital and static billboards are an effective medium for generating brand awareness and targeting a large diverse market, but there are definitely limitations to billboard advertising. Our highly targeted place-based advertising network in shopping malls, lifestyle and outlet centers enable businesses to get their message in front of a highly targeted, captive, local audience that spends up to 3 hours per visit to our high traffic properties. In terms of cost, we can provide our clients with a greater campaign reach for less than the cost of a traditional billboard. Our static backlit and digital advertising opportunities provide business with the opportunity to get their message in front of thousands of potential clients in the busiest locations in the neighborhood.


Cambridge, MA

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

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