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Maximize Your Property’s Potential with Universal Media!

Transform your real estate into dynamic, revenue-generating platforms with the pioneers of out-of-home advertising. Generate significant, long-term income and amplify your property’s equity value with our trailblazing solutions.

Why Partner with Us?

Transforming Spaces into Profitable Experiences:

“At Universal Media, we see potential where others see none. As trailblazers in out-of-home media that pioneered mall advertising, we understand the unique needs of property owners, managers, and developers. We’re not just transforming spaces, we’re transforming experiences. By leveraging innovative technologies, we transform your property into a dynamic, revenue-generating platform, all while preserving its integrity. Step into the future of advertising with Universal Media.

Maximized Revenue, Minimized Effort

We handle everything from permitting and installation to sales marketing and reporting. Sit back, relax, and watch your property transform into a powerful revenue generator.

Creating Enhanced Experiences

We leverage innovative technologies to enhance customer experiences, enable efficient navigation, and create personalized content that resonates with your audience.

Join the Innovators

Step into an exclusive circle of partners benefiting from our 40+ years of experience in the OOH media space. Experience increased revenues, continuous innovation, and superior customer experiences..

Ready to Boost Your Property’s Value and Revenue?

Don’t let your property’s potential lie dormant. Partner with us and turn your space
into a captivating, revenue-generating experience.

Ad Formats that Drive Revenue and Engagement.

Our high impact digital OOH Media formats stand out from the crowd!Our high impact digital OOH Media formats stand out from the crowd!

Unleash Your Property's Potential Today!

We curate the most fitting ad formats for your property.  Our journey is rooted in innovation, dedication, and an undying passion for creating value where others see none. We’re ready to bring this expertise to your property. Let’s make a lasting impression together! Are you ready for the transformation?

It’s time, Ready to Transform Your Property?

Whether you’re a property owner, manager, or developer, we’ve got tailored solutions just for you. Let’s work together to unleash your property’s earning potential.
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Salt Lake City 2016 Market List

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