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Lifesytle and Shopping Center &
Out-of-Home Advertising, with over 40+ Years of combined experience!

Universal Media is an Out-of-Home Media company that specializes in place-based advertising at shopping malls, lifestyle centers and pretty much anywhere else people live, eat, work, shop and play. We thrive on producing unique, engaging and game-changing mediums that reach consumers at key points in the decision-making process.

With over four decades at the forefront of place-based advertising, Universal is revolutionizing Out-of-Home (OOH) media. We don’t just use spaces, we transform them – from shopping malls and lifestyle centers, to restaurants, offices, and beyond, turning everyday locations into dynamic advertising platforms.

We don’t just display ads; we create immersive experiences. By engaging audiences in their natural environments – whether they’re dining, working, shopping, or simply enjoying downtime – we ensure your message is not just seen, but felt and remembered.

Universal is more than an OOH media company. We are your bridge to the future of immersive, impactful, and unforgettable advertising. Let’s redefine the possibilities of Out-of-Home media together.

Why Choose Universal Media?

01. Amplify

Break through the noise with our innovative out-of-home advertising. With Universal Media, your brand won’t just be seen – it will capture attention and leave lasting impressions. Our trailblazing strategies have proven to boost mobile ad engagement by 50%, solidifying your brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind.

02. Reach

Connect and engage with a vast and diverse audience through our strategically placed, place-based retail media networks. At Universal Media, we leverage the power of out-of-home advertising to offer your brand unparalleled exposure across the country – from vibrant neighborhoods and prestigious buildings to bustling highways and upscale lifestyle centers. Our advertising network uniquely focuses on reaching audiences where they spend the majority of their time: out-of-home, amplifying your brands reach and resonance in ways that Internet, radio, television, and traditional print cannot match.

02. Engage

Universal Media provides an unskippable, unblockable advertising experience. We intercept consumers on their daily journey, delivering your brand’s message at the perfect location and optimal time. Our Mall Network creates a destination for shoppers, bridging the gap between advertising touchpoints and instant purchase gratification.”

03. Results

We drive meaningful consumer action. With 26% of consumers visiting a website directly after seeing an OOH advertisement, and an 80%-120% average footfall traffic increase to stores, our innovative strategies offer undeniable efficacy.

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