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Reinventing the future of Out-of-Home!

Proud to be the Leaders in

Lifesytle and Shopping Center &
Out-of-Home Advertising, with over 35+ Years of combined experience!

Universal Media is an Out-of-Home Media company that specializes in place-based advertising at shopping malls, lifestyle centers and pretty much anywhere else people live, eat, work, shop and play. We thrive on producing unique, engaging and game-changing mediums that reach consumers at key points in the decision-making process. As the pioneers in shopping mall out-of-home advertising, we are excited to leverage our combined 35+ years of experience as we embark on the exciting new world of digital and place-based advertising.

Universal Media’s goal is to accelerate business growth by creating awareness and branding using our complete inventory of static and digital outdoor adverting displays. We are redefining out of home media by delivering lasting impressions for major brands. Through memorable consumer engagements with multiple touch-points, Universal Media extends brand impact in categories including automotive, spirits, fashion, CPG, retail, gaming and entertainment and more.

As a full-service place-based out-of-home advertising company, you can count on our experience to take care of all your static and digital advertising needs, including strategy, design, and production.

At Universal Media

People spend on average 70% of their time away from their home, we give advertisers the opportunity to reach their customers where they live, work, shop and play!


01. Reach

Universal Media’s place-based advertising network is designed to reach a diverse audience where they spend the majority of their time, out-of-home. The Internet, and increasingly radio, television and traditional print, are solitary media and do not readily allow consumers to collectively come into contact with a brand message and build off each others’ experience.


02. Engage

Universal Media delivers larger-than-life engagement that can’t be skipped or blocked and is never viewed by bots. We take the consumer out of the bubble of a “look down” experience on a small device and into the open physical world, intercepting their daily journeys between home, work, shopping and entertainment with the perfect location-based message, presented at the optimal time in their journey.


03. Connect

Our Mall Network connects the community and its people and is a destination for Shoppers. As a result, Shoppers frequently visit our centers an average of 2.5 times each month spending in excess of ninety minutes upon each visit. Even the mass commerce potential of the Internet is still just potential for most products and does not close the gap between advertising touch point and instant gratification the way a shopping center can.

Reach your audience at the point of sale.

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