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“Elevate the customer experience! If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is priceless.”

Universal Media Smart Digital Advertising & Interactive Display Technology

Universal Media’s growing Out-of-Home place-based digital and static media network objective is to reach people in local communities where they live, shop, dine, commute and play with highly targeted and engaging content. We work with some of the most iconic mixed-use and lifestyle centers, creating unique opportunities for our brand partners. From our backlit posters and high-definition interactive digital screens to mobile and experiential marketing, reaching difficult-to-reach audiences when they are most receptive to the message.


of consumers search for more information on their mobile device after seeing outdoor advertising compared to 16% for other media.

77% said that advertising in the mall makes them want to go to specific stores.”

Source: COG Research


Digital displays deliver captivating content that grabs consumer attention, capturing 400% more views than standard static displays.


Digital displays offer the possibility to change creatives in real-time, with an unlimited number of visuals, creating powerful content and messages, adapted to the time of day, audience, special event or spontaneous promotions.


By displaying dynamic, relevant content to shoppers as they are browsing or a shopping center or entering a location, retailers can positively influence consumer buying decisions..


Digital display technology offers brands a powerful tool to increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, deliver an enriched customer experience and positively impact the bottom line by enabling advertisers to ENGAGE in a new way with their audience.

of people

think ADs on Digital Displays

stand out more than ads online.”

Digital signage recall rate

is higher than any form of traditional media

with at least 83% of people recalling at least one ad seen on a digital billboard in the last 30 days.”


Digital Display Units

Display units are larger than life and strategically placed throughout the mall, ensuring that your ads are seen multiple times to reach consumers.


Spectacular Digital Displays

High impact banners demand attention. This large format allows for awesome visual executions that will stay in customers’ heads long after they’ve seen them.


Interactive Digital Displays

These high impact digital screens allow advertisers to use full motion video to create dynamic and engaging content.

Outdoor Digital Billboards

This large format allows for awesome visual executions that will stay in customers’ heads long after they’ve seen them. Availability may vary by mall.

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