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Lifestyle Center Advertising!

Universal Media represents the media opportunities at some of the most iconic lifestyle centers.

Lifestyle center advertising is a fast-growing segment in the world of outdoor advertising and includes a wide array of choices that can target an audience as they go about their daily lives. Lifestyle media reaches people where they eat, shop, play, live and work. Our premium lifestyle center ads are placed in the highest traffic areas where retail, restaurants, and public space provide a dynamic all-in-one environment that captivates visitors. Lifestyle centers are redefining the shopping center experience, attracting nationally known and one-of-a-kind retailers and restaurateurs seeking an affluent, trendsetting audience in an environment that provides consumers with a sophisticated experience.

Transforming everyday spaces into extraordinary places

Lifestyle Centers are often mixed-use developments, bringing apartments, condos, restaurants, movie theatres, grocery stores – even hotels together in an environment that creates a truly unique experience that excites the visitor. It's not just a place to shop, it's also the place to live, eat, work and play.


Our high impact static and smart digital displays stand out from the crowd!

With over 40 years in the place-based out-of-home media space, we know how to build a solution that drives engagement, enhances the customer experience and drives revenue for our partners.

Together, we're building the future of digital media and experiential retail.

Are you a developer of Lifestyle Centers? Do you manage a high traffic retail property? Let’s build the future of place-based media together!

Increased Revenues and Enhanced Customer Experience.

At Universal Media, we work in partnership with developers of lifestyle centers to bring exciting new advertising and experiential media opportunities to their properties. Through the implementation of our highly customized static and digital signage solutions, we deliver increased revenues and create superior customer experiences.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

Let’s collaborate together to achieve amazing results.

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