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OOH and Experiential Media for over 40+ Years!

Universal is an Out of Home media company that specializes in place-based advertising and retail intelligence. We thrive on producing unique, engaging and game-changing mediums that reach consumers at key points in the decision-making process. As pioneers in out of home advertising, we are excited to leverage our combined 35+ years of experience as we embark on the exciting new world of digital and place-based media.

Universal Media’s goal is to accelerate business growth by creating awareness and branding using both mobile and out-of-home adverting to connect consumers with brands at the point of purchase. Through our leverage of innovative new digital technologies, we are redefining out of home media, delivering lasting impressions and enhanced ROIs for our partners.

As a full-service place-based advertising and media technology company, you can count on our experience to take care of all your OOH advertising, digital signage, data analytics, and IoT technology.

At Universal Media

We help brands deliver their message to consumers when and where it matters most!


01. Reach

Universal Media helps brands reach a diverse audience of on-the-go shoppers. Much like commercial television, radio or the Internet, Out-of-Home advertising reaches a mass audiences, allowing brands to communicate their message to an audience that spends more than 70% of their time outside of their home. The Internet, and increasingly radio, television and traditional print, are solitary media and do not readily allow consumers to collectively come into contact with a brand message and build off each others’ experience.


02. Engage

Universal Media works with brands to create campaigns that engage consumers at a time when they are most receptive to advertising messages. Unlike television, radio or traditional print advertising, our place-based advertising campaigns reach consumers at keep moments throughout their daily commute, converting their message immediately into a buying event.


03. Connect

Our place-based network connects the community and to brands in ways that other media formats can’t. Even the mass commerce potential of the Internet is still just potential for most products and does not close the gap between advertising touch point and instant gratification the way a shopping center can.

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